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Robert Bedwell wrote:

The reason that I moved from Canon to Nikon about 5 years ago was because the IDS MKII was not nearly the quality of camera that my IDS was.

That is a weird move. 5 years ago Nikon did not have a full frame. You were basically moving from the 1DS to the D2X. Not a wise move at all.

To say that the D3S is a great products is based on prediction, not fact.

To be fair, it is better than the 1DMKIII because it is full frame and nearly as fast as the 1DMKIII for about the same price. Sure, the D3 is overpriced, but so is the 1DMKIII.

Nikon is taking big risks by not meeting the 5D head on.

The 5DMKII is very popular, but if you did not like the 1DSMKII because of its body, then you would like the 5DMKII even less.

I am sure Canon has an even more powerful camera ready for introduction while Nikon is banking on the D700 and D3S. My prediction is it's going to be a rough couple of years for Nikon unless that drop the price of the D3X.

The D3X is indeed way overpriced. So is the 1DSMKIII. The D3X is basically a low risk product for Nikon, since it is basically a D3 with a different sensor. If sales continue to lag, then all that Nikon has to do is to stop making it and make more D3s cameras. There are rumors that the 1DMKIV is going to be 1.3x crop. If that is the case, Nikon has nothing to worry about. There are also rumors that Canon's 1DSMKIV will be 32mp, but Sony is also rumored to be developing a 32mp FF sensor. So, again, Nikon should be ready to meet the new Canon 1DSMkIV challenge.

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