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Re: Another point of view

ScottMac wrote:

It isn't the D3s, it's fine if you need one, it's the continued lack of a 5DM2 competitor. Still no moderately priced 21 or 24 MP 1080 video from Nikon.

But why would Nikon want to compete to see which company could compromise their core products the most?

Video on a DSLR is a novelty and no serious videographer would want one when a proper video system has industry standard interface needs. No Time Code in a Video machine? That is absolutely brain dead, how do you sync to audio and editors? You don't, it is a play thing with no serious application.

21 or 24mp is in the Nikon line up now. for those where high pixel count is needed also need what only the D3x has currently. So you should phrase the question differently, "Canon still has no answer to the D3x (or D3s), why no competition?"

Anyone who thinks his photography is being held back by not having either 1080 running wild, or 21mp is almost guaranteed to not have exhausted the capabilities of 10mpx. I have not seen a serious photographer who holds your point of view. By all means get a Canon flavor of the month, but be prepared to have your friends with the old D3 embarrass you.
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