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Other than a few hundred people making their living on very large posters this pixel race is a race to no-where. Pros and those who judge their needs based on the reality of those needs are going to be very excited about this new sensor in D3s, it puts it in a different league where it is the sole member. Ask any pro if they would rather have a gazillion pixels or a passable 102,000 ISO with increased DR?.

The claim on this forum that Nikon will be leapfrogged in a few months is ridiculous. They are not trying to beat Canon with questionable features and instead focus on what working photographers need and appreciate. In that arena no one does it better. Canon is giving up that market for the feature junkies who have to switch cameras every time a new feature is added. That is smart on Canon's part but it does not make better cameras just more sales to people who somehow think that the next upgrade will finally make their photos worth viewing. But they find the same problem again only to be satisfied by yet another round of expensive upgrades. Canon has their priorities right if profits are their only goal.

Nikon makes profits by adding functional value, they have for decades in lenses, lighting and cameras and there is no sense changing philosophies when the old one works.

The important elements are comfortably in Nikon's corner: focus speed and accuracy, low noise/high ISO, frame rate, ergonomics, flash systems, Dynamic range, etc. Sure they do not have billions of pixels or make great camcorders but they never intended to compete in those arenas. Those who are decrying the lack of 1080 are showing their amateur side....what DSLR can compete with Sony or or Panasonic pro Video gear? If video is that important to you, you will speed the $250,000 to do it right, anything less is to little and too compromised.

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