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As a user of both Canon and Nikon, all the whining about the D3s is a bit daft, the “s” indicates a midlife do over not a new camera. And for what it’s worth I would say if you are not working to a budget Nikon {and HD is not the be all} either competes or leads in practically all the different sectors. The 7D other than what I think are too many megapixels, and a better HD [though far from great} is generally a catch up to the D300/s. The D700 is in my opinion the best built and best featured FF prosumer dslr and again only loses out to the 5DmkII and in megapixels and HD .I have the 5DmkII and though in certain scenarios it can deliver very good HD results it is compromised.

The D3 and D3s at the moment have no competition, superb bodies, great reliable AF, and the best noise performance available from anyone. I use the D3 for wedding event work and other than the somewhat noisy shutter {I am interested to see if the quiet mode actually is quiet on the D3s}. It is excellent for all pj and sport work. And finally if you want simply the best dslr image quality available you have the D3x.

I am a bit disappointed that Nikon has not yet released some fast wide primes as this is the area that would have most interested me. But when it comes to the fast pro zooms the 14-24, 24-70 more than likely the new 70-200 and the 200-400 are notably superior to Canons zooms or anyone else’s for that matter. I would say for the vast majority of users Nikon delivers great equipment there will always be niches that will be served better by one maker over another , and hopefully Nikon and Canon will continue to leap frog each other as we benefit from the competition

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