70-300 VR vs Non-VR?

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Re: 70-300 VR vs Non-VR?

The 70-300G is pretty much a terrible lens. It's not only soft but blurry at 300mm and have lots of chromatic aberration that don't really go away even when stopping down considerably. Avoid this one.

The 70-300ED is better but here you have the Simga 70-300 APO and Tamron 70-300 LD which performs similarly.

The 70-300VR is much better than these and if you actually have the money to spare it's a no brainer, IMO. If you want to go to 300mm there is noting lesser than the Sigma 100-300/4 or AF-S 300/4 that beats it.

It 200mm is enough you have the AF(-S) 80-200/2.8 or Sigma 70-200/2.8 that beats the 70-300VR in about the same pricepoint, at least it you look at the used market.

Kavin Treemaethawee wrote:

I'm planing to get 70-300 for my D700, but I have found 70-300G(used) which is much cheaper than 70-300VR(used also)

Is there anyone experience with 70-300G and VR version? I am planing to get a copy of this range for my D700 and perhaps TC20E, so what is different of this both model? because the non-vr seem to have much more attractive price for used one.

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