Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

You working wedding got a hard job! I don't envy you!

I attended an outdoor wedding as a guest over the weekend. My wife forbade me from taking any of my camera stuff…with the threat of no nookie for a month So I was forced to enjoy the food, wine, and the ceremony…

But what I noticed at this particular wedding, was the number of SLRs. Dang… I kid you not…there must have been 10 guests skipping around with their SLRs. And that didn’t include the presumed two professional/paid photographers that I saw.

Hell, it could have been an SLR convention too!!!

I did feel kinda sorry for the paid photographers. The SLR Guests were running crazily from table to table, person to person, etc. But the paid professionals, they seemed to be wondering aimlessly around…always behind the guests. I got the impression that they were just a little intimidated or overwhelmed by the competition and unsure how to mingle with the guests. And what I didn’t see based on their body language of the paid photographers was an eagerness, the purposeful and mindful milling around, or lurking to capture the intimate B&G shots, or any of the quick response to the changing environment…

I’m sure that they captured some great images…but to have to compete with the 10 crazy SLR Guests , who were probably all close friends of the B&G... Dang, that’s tuff!

In the end I was glad that I didn’t take any of my stuff, after all I'm just an amateur wannabe, not willing to give up nookie for a month. I got to sit back and watch with wonder and awe as the photo album evolved...on the hard work of 12 roaming SLR Professionals .


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