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Steve Bingham
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Another point of view

. . . but we knew it was going to be this way for weeks (months?). I wonder what happened to the new lenses????? And the newer version of the D700 that is being field tested? February? SOMETIME in 2010? Who knows.

I suspect Nikon pulled in its horns - economics? Anyway, the long promised (new) 70-200 should be available very soon (some have it already).

Meanwhile, my D700 pretty much does all I need it to do. As I rarely print larger than 17" x 25" anymore the D700 seems to be the perfect fit. My old Epson 7600 just sits here waiting impatiently for someone who needs a 2' x 3' print or a 2' x 10' panorama. Seems these folks are pretty rare.

Even a 17" x 25" print ends up in a 2' x 3' frame (or larger) unless you use a full bleed mount.

Of course we all want the latest and greatest. 400 hp cars, 7,000 sq ft homes, and 80" TV screens. This sort of consumerism has already made many folks suffer these past few years - and for more years to come. Somehow, we all need to take a deep breath and honestly separate our WANTS from our true NEEDS.

Just one old farts opinion.
Steve Bingham

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