Are these pics sharp enough for 50mm 1.8?

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Re: Are these pics sharp enough for 50mm 1.8?

Swetika wrote:

Timmie wrote:

I had one for a while but I replaced it because of what you describe: very inconsistent results with focussing. When the focus was spot on it took nice pictures (like yours) so it was a nice lens to have. But it was always hit and miss and that really annoyed me.

Replaced it with a 50 1.4 and while it's not as nice as my 85 1.8 I like it a lot. Quality is not much better than the 1.8 but at least focus is consistent.

I was going to ask question about 'question on the focusing'.

If you count by percentage, what is the percentage of missed focus in total (approximately).

I am interested in this lens, not only, but mainly because it is quite cheap, but sample photos shows that it takes good shots. But of course people tend to show the best shots taken with the lens.
And there aren't many reviews on this lens.

THis is difficult to answer. When I first got the lens, I bet it was 3/5 that I missed. Notice I said 'I missed' and not the 'lens missed'. After about a year with the lens and learning what apertures I need to provide enough DOF for certain subjects as well as learning how and where to focus for fast apertures, my keeper rate is probably closer to 90%. Of that 10% missed shots, I bet only a small percentage can be blamed on the lens.

Basically you have to learn the nuances of each lens. Very few lenses are absolute perfection - and canon's cheapest lens is not going to be one of them.

My recipe for great shots with the 50 1.8 is:

-Only use f1.8-2.2 when it makes sense.
-Use f2.5+ when you demand high sharpness. f2.5 still makes lots of bg blur.
-keep shutter speed above 1/100

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