Thom Hogans Video Specs: Sony please take note.

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Re: Thom Hogans Video Specs: Sony please take note.

Sounds like a heck of camcorder...Still waiting for Sony's 2md generation of Pro level cameras.. maybe later I will be in the market for a Camcorder.

kevin_r wrote:

From his website, for a DSLR with video:

So let me outline the basic target:

  • Max US$5000 target price (usable body only; by usable body, I mean add only a lens and you're shooting)

  • Max 5 pound (with lens) target weight

  • Large sensor (DX or bigger, specifically low-light capable)

  • Interchangeable F-mount

  • 1080P/24/30/60 capability (anything above that is gravy), plus 720P and 4:3 options as well

  • dual, stereo XLR balanced inputs for audio, with manual levels

  • headphone monitoring

  • S-video and composite video in and out

  • fold-out, 3"+ rotatable video monitor (900k dots, daylight viewable) and/or large electronic viewfinder

  • multiple storage options (built in SD/CF card slots, USB drives, direct to pro decks, etc.) preferably with multiple formats (AVCHD, MPEG, direct Final Cut Pro, etc.)

  • Stabilization (through body or lens or both)

  • Shoulder mount design, but configurable with optional kits for different shooting styles

You also need autofocus lenses with geared manual override to do this right. Preferably, you'd also have a LANC input on the camera and LANC-enabled lenses.

If you're going to do it for Professionals you might at well hit the ball out of the park. All these features are already on Pro video cams.
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