Are these pics sharp enough for 50mm 1.8?

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Re: Are these pics sharp enough for 50mm 1.8?

Not really sure about the percentage of misses. I do know that it was 1 in 4 or more.

The quality of the lens itself isn't that great either. My girlfriend used it for a while after I got my 50 1.4 and at one point the front part of the lens fell out. I was at the repair shop for something else and asked if it repairing it would be worth it. They told me this was very common with the 50 1.8. There are some small plastic parts inside that hold the lens together and according to them in a case like this there are two possibilities:

  • The plastic bits are ok and the lens just clicks back together again if you know the trick

  • One or more of the bits snapped off and the lens is a total loss

In my case it was a write-off.

The story above may sound pretty negative but when it works it gives you very nice pictures at a very low price. It got me hooked on primes for certain types of photography. For me it was definitely value for money for about 4 years of use.

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