Has Nikon Forgotten They're Not a Camcorder Company?

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larrytusaz Senior Member • Posts: 2,366
Has Nikon Forgotten They're Not a Camcorder Company?

I have never shot with anything more than a D200, I'm not a professional, I'm merely a hobbyist, so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I am NOT trolling either (although I'm sure some will think I am.) I'm simply echoing an opinion I've had since the D90--that is, SLRs are for pictures ONLY, period. Nikon tried making camcorders once, and failed. They make great PHOTOGRAPHY cameras.

SLRs throughout their entire history have had a tradition of still imaging excellence because that was ALL they did. This tradition should be upheld, to heck with this form of "progress." Barely 1½ years ago if you were an aspiring SLR owner but whined that SLRs didn't have a movie mode like your Coolpix, you'd been laughed out of town. Now since the D90, it's the reverse? Why?

If I wanted a YouTube gimmick, I'd pull my Sony Cybershot out of its case. Heck I own the D5000 and refuse to use its YouTube mode as a matter of principle, because it's an SLR and not a camcorder. This is just insane.

And no, I am NOT a "horse and buggy" proponent, I love innovation, in fact I own a Blackberry Curve and love all the functions that are combined into 1 with it. However SLRs have never been and never should be Blackberry-type products. To me they've always been sort of like an adding machine--they do nothing at all whatsoever but add-subtract-multiply-divide and print this out on roller paper (or, in this case, take photographs), but for that one particular function there's nothing else close to it. They're like the great Mexican restaurant down the road that does NOT also sell meat/potatoes or Italian etc, but Mexican and NOTHING ELSE--and they do it better than anyone else specifically because of that very dedication to ONE function alone.

In this regard, it's one thing to innovate and another thing altogether to lose focus of who you are. Nikon's slogan for years was "We Take the World's Greatest PICTURES" (emphasis added). Yes that's right Nikon, the world's greatest PICTURES, not YouTube video clips.

What is this? Is there nothing sacred anymore?

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