Experiments with Ofoto, EZprints & Photoaccess

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Experiments with Ofoto, EZprints & Photoaccess

I conducted several sets of experiments with ofoto, ezprints, and photoaccess. I am glad and proud to say that I discovered PHOTOACCESS as the winner of the all three highly claimed online printing services.

I sent the following sets of photos to them:
1. LS 342 save for prints
2. Untag as defined by Pekka after running the LS 342 convert and sharpen

3. LS 342 + Digital V by Fred
4. Untaged (after LS 342) + Digital V by Fred.

And the following are my findings:

1. EZprints produced the poorest quality. Bad color (turned some redish light background to bad blue), and noticeable pixel printing. The pictures also appear to be much more dull than ofoto and photoaccess with same sets of files. I really don't understand that some pro photographers even recommend this service. Anyone would find its poor end result with a little extra attention.

2. Ofoto has been my favorite printing service for more than a year. I have been pleased by its "printing" quality. However, I had the skin color problems before and when I called in, the customer representatives told me that I messed up with white balance, etc. I was convinced to believe that it is my fault, because I do not know that much knowledge. Now with the 4 sets of experiments, I discover that ofoto:

a. apply some sort of automatic correction

b. some major color shifts. For example, the green leaf can even turn to yellow-green!!! And even with untag, the skin color is still having problem.

3. The winner is Photoaccess. I did not like this one at all in the beginning because I called three times and could not get a hold of their customer service. And their web display of photos are poor.

However, the 4 sets of prints came back and totally surprised me. Here are what I found:

a. It seems they do not apply some annoying automatic correction. For example, the sets with and without digital V have real difference in color saturation, while ofoto's colors look the same due to some correction applied.

b. The colors produced by photoaccess are very very accurate. The colors that I particularly had problems with ofoto are green and white. I was amazed by the white wedding gown that photoaccess produces! And the green is so accurate too!

c. Details!!! Photoaccess prints have noticeable much better details than ofoto by observing the wedding gown fabric! Both photoaccess and ofoto prints are A LOT sharper than ezprints. But photoaccess has more details AND the colors are clear and do not mess up. For example, the wedding gown color in ofoto's prints shifted to something close to one's skin tone. But photoaccess' colors have strong contrast and do not mixed up with adjacent colors.

With unlimited space and reasonable price, I would certainly move my future printing job to WWW.PHOTOACCESS.COM from ofoto!

Hope this review is helpful for everyone who tries online printing.


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