S90 & G11 – my final conclusions & suggestions

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Re: Good job - it's all about your daily work flow.

Alashi wrote:

... a rhetorical wager ...

Noise issues on smaller sensors has improved over the years. And yes, going back to a lower pixel density has helped a great deal. The Pro1, with fewer MP (8) and lower density yet still proves it metal today. So, the S90 is like back to the future.

> However, technology marches on and noise issue will continue to be resolved with sensor technology matched to lens technology. There will* be a 12MP with lower noise than the S90. We will see a larger sensor yet in a small body.*

When Canon introduced the 6MP DSLR body for $2200, people drooled and flocked to it. Today, it has been well surpassed for pixel count and image quality combined. But at the time, it was magic.

I applaud what Canon did with it's new 10MP contenders. I like them! But, I expect better and it will happen.

With my kids grown, I've left most of the video behind. My investment in those products was just as hairy and expensive as my still camera spending. But I'm done now and simple snippets of video suffice for me just fine. However, I can appreciate the desire of others for the inclusion of this technology (in HD) in a still camera. It's OK. If I were still active at soccer practice with my son or daughter, I'd be eager to see these great combo cameras being made.

For now, for me, the S90 is a welcome breath of fresh air with a long journey still ahead for its siblings. It's obvious from these forums that the hunger existed and the hopes and expectations were high. It's done pretty well for starters. Now, I'm restlessly awaiting their surprise for next year and all the juicy speculation it will invoke.

But the question is - Once they make a 12MP sensor with less noise than the 10MP sensor on the s90, will they also be able to make a new 10MP sensor with even less noise than that?

I would imagine the lower pixel count sensor in the same physical amount of space will always be lower noise (assuming both sensors were designed by the same people at the same time).

Canon has been upping the megapixel count for years, and appears to have finally topped out. Once they've switched focus, I doubt they will be in a big hurry to resume the pointless megapixel wars.

Of course who knows, I certainly don't run Canon.

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