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Re: Good job - it's all about your daily work flow.

Sure, I understand your point. But look how popular it is already - this might be one of those -bleepin- products that it's difficult to even find in stock before christmas.

I imagine the Canon people sat down and said "what can we leave out that will provide a reason to upgrade next year?". They probably went through a list -

1. Low light capability - well, there would go like 60-80% of the reason people would buy the camera. They have to meet or beat the LX3 in order to maintain a reputation for being the "top camera maker". Can't leave that out.

2. Manual Controls - If someone else happens to come out with another camera that has better low light capability at the same time, full manual controls will still give people a reason to buy the Canon. Not to mention targeting 2 markets - one for the low light people, one for the pro photographers who want a more convenient camera.
3. Size - It's gotta fit in your pocket. Only so much you can do there.

4. Picture Quality - Pro photographers wouldn't buy it if they reduced the picture quality.

5. HD Video - the f200exr seems to have a good reputation without it. The pro photographers will snub their noses and go "If I wanted to shoot video, I'd buy a video camera!" anyways, so it won't hurt much with that crowd.

So you gotta ask yourself - what cool feature should they leave out this year so next year you have a reason to upgrade? HD video seems like the best bet. Sure, there will be a small number of people who will buy something else. But is that number of people larger than the number of people who will sell their s90 next year if a model with HD video comes out? And is that number of people larger than the number of people who will now buy both this camera for it's size and low light capabilites, and buy a Canon camcorder so they can do HD video? Canon also makes camcorders, and I'm sure they'd like to hold off impacting their camcorder market as long as possible.

I feel like they're thinking "we need to leave something out so they'll have a reason to upgrade next year", and HD video was their best bet.

Now someone always says "That's not true, they're doing that for technical reasons". I cannot really say if that's true or not, nor do I believe anyone who claims to know. Canon might say it's true - whooooooo, yeah, I totally believe that. It doesn't matter to me whether the sensor is actually capable of HD video right now, or whether they simply specifically designed it so that it could not do HD video.

And certainly I don't know that they did it that way. It's just my opinion, and one that might be wrong. But let me ask you - Canon just came out with their mid-range digital SLR with HD video. It has a 30 minute video limit on it (29 minutes, 59 seconds, according to the Canon website). Do you think that's a technical limitation? The camera just happens to be physically capable of taking 29 minutes of video, but not 35 or 80? Or - just perhaps - Canon deliberately held it back, even on such an expensive digital SLR, so as to not kill their camcorder market?

I mean, when a camera can only do 30 seconds of video, I think "maybe it's a hardware thing, some buffer fills up or something". When it's 30 minutes, clearly they're not building in 30 minutes worth of memory into the camera where it buffers it. I assume they're simply artificially limiting it for their own purposes.

Now someone is probably going to insist that I'm a conspiracy theorist or something, but it just happens to be what I'm thinking about at the moment. I give it 80% chance I'm right, 20% I'm wrong. Tomorrow I'll be thinking about something else, just my gut feeling.

photaholic wrote:

PaulRivers wrote:

Personally, I think Canon's next upgrade to this camera is obvious. They can't add megapixels without affecting it's low light capability. They probably can't add more zoom (we'll see, I suppose) without affecting image quality. So they've left themselves with one thing you want but can't get on this camera right now - HD video. All their latest lower end cameras have it (sd780, their absolutely tiny handheld camera has it, for example). But they left it out on the s90. Their competitors are adding HD video to all their cameras - personally, I think they left it out so you'll have a reason to upgrade.

But by leaving HD off they potentially sway people, like me, away from buying the S90 because of this (IMO) important feature omission. Bit of a catch 22 for Canon marketers I say.

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