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Re: One Stop Can Be Enormous

ProtoPhoto wrote:

Personal needs vary widely. One of the reasons I have a DSLR and fast prime lens is that I have small children, and I want to be able to capture them moving indoors at night, with no flash. Millions of parents have the same need, the DSLR forums are full of them.

In that situation - using that 2.0 instead of 2.8 is both routine, and of enormous importance. Not at 1/3 second, but to allow 1/320 instead of 1/160 at 1600 ISO, to reduce or eliminate movement blur.

Indeed, it could be that the single biggest source of S90 sales doesn't turn out to be enthusiasts, but parents, if enough figure out this is the only true shirt pocket compact that lets them photograph their children at night without a flash.

Now, that doesn't invalidate ebrandon's perspective, and I very much appreciate all of his work and analysis. Thank you! But saying one stop doesn't matter, eh, all depends I guess, but it matters a lot to me...

I agree with your reply -- and sure, 1/160 and 1/320 make a difference, but I still don't think that this makes too big of a difference in the overall point ebrandon is making. The S90 also stops down quickly as the lens zooms; indeed, by 35 mm the two cameras are nearly a wash.

I just didn't think that his entire post was put into question by his statement that f2.0 vs. f2.8 isn't a big issue, but I fully understand your point that individual cases will vary.

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