S90 & G11 – my final conclusions & suggestions

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Re: Good job - it's all about your daily work flow.

On my S90 I have the front ring set to manual focus and the rear wheel on exposure compensation and the shortcut button set to ISO.

I found that if the rear wheel moved a notch or two off center in ISO mode I was sent to 3200 from Auto, this could be a disaster, but in exposure compensation one or two thirds of a stop bias is that bad.

Having used the camera for several days I find the the loose dial to be less of a problem as I get used to it.

Also the manual focus on the lens ring gives a quick infinity lock when needed.

I use the camera in RAW only and in P mode most of the time, using M on rare occasions.

In the few days I have had the camera I am very satisfied, but I must not get too lazy and leave the DSLR home all the time.

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