M8= heart; GF1= head??

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Rick La Rocca Forum Member • Posts: 96
M8= heart; GF1= head??

Hi there, I just wanted to get some opinions here.

I have always had a sweet spot for leica Ms. I've never owned one, but I've borrowed them, and I enjoy using them. I truly like cameras. I enjoy a fine camera. Yes, the ultimate photo quality counts too, but I enjoy the feel of a well made camera.

For a long long time I've been wanting to buy my own leica. ( My wife gave me a dlux-4 a year ago to quench my like thirst, but well its not a real leica.)

I now find myself wanting to buy a camera. I have a Nikon D700, which I enjoy using with some primes, 28,35, 50, and 105. But its big and bulky and all too often I leave it home unless I'm going to go shoot. But I will say its about as bullet proof as I've seen in digital. Its tough and versatile.

The dlux-4 is a great travel camera. The best point and shoot I've had by far. Much better than my G7/G9... but it doesn't feel like a camera. ( Control wise the G9 was great for a point and shoot, but all too often I found myself upset at the image quality I got out of it. ) Its a typical point and shoot, no knobs, no direct controls. Its the best in breed as far as I can tell, but I want a camera with more direct control.

So I have been looking at leica m8 used. ( For a long long time) They seem to be going for around $2500, and getting a 35mm lens used should run about 1K.

I've been reading about all the limitations of the M8, the IR filters, the problems etc. But all too often I notice that people comment that they like using it, that their favorite shots are taken with it. So despite its faults, in the right hands, with some love it seems like a great camera.

Its a camera, I think I'd end up loving. Just like I loved and irrationally refuse to sell my old Contax G2.

The thing is this. I know the panasonic is closer in design to a point and shoot. I know that micro 4/3 image quality probably won't be up to the leica. But damn it is so very much cheaper. So much cheaper.

Its also more versatile, and I won't have a coronary if it dies or gets stolen.

If I want a camera to be with me all the time, to keep by my side, my heart says LEICA M8 + a 35mm, but my head says $3500 for something that you are going to worry about having stolen, that is less versatile... are you nuts. Just get a GF1 for a grand, and go take some pics.

I've been kicking this around for a long while. So any thoughts to help me decide?

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