S90 & G11 – my final conclusions & suggestions

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Good job - it's all about your daily work flow.

I have more digicams than I deserve. Among them (there are MANY others...several non-Canon), the Pro1, 1DsII, G10, SD990 and now the S90. With my D60, the 1Ds and the 1DsII, I've gotten both lazy and self-conscious.

People simply do not like it when I point my big DSLR at them. Doing an event or wedding or landscape series is one thing, but candid people shots are difficult at best and create at times, horribly unexpected animosity. The Pro1 was less of a hassle, the G10 even less than that. But, for having something with me everywhere I go, the P&S is a must--and that's become the S90. Because it's so plain, people thinks it's a plastic toy from a Walmart/Walgreens blister pack and pay it no heed. In reality, that little sleeper outperforms my D60!

But now, with the G10 for bright daylight and resolution, and the S90 for evening, night and other candid work, I've got the bases covered without the ache of D-series bodies with L-series lenses. Over the years, so many wonderful things have evolved with digital cameras that I can't help but be grateful for what we have now.

It used to require an SLR to get what is common now with many P&S's. So, I'm not complaining. I do have a choice, and most often, it's the P&S. The S90 is totally awesome. What control and what great low light capabilities!

I think the G10 and the S90 are an ideal, light weight duo. Get the G10 while you still can! It's fun index is actually higher than the S90, albeit not by much.

Ahhh...all those wonderful buttons, dials and lights!


(Naturally, I'm looking forward to Canon's next surprise. I'd wager the S90 will become a hand-me-down in a year. Next will be a 12MP with the same pixel density--or less, higher IQ. The gauntlet has been thrown. Panasonic called Canon's hand.)

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