S90 & G11 – my final conclusions & suggestions

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Re: These points make me question the whole review...

Charlesn wrote:

I have to express appreciation to anyone who goes through the time and effort to post such a lengthly and detailed review. But to say that a full f stop of lens speed offers no practical difference, or that there is "little practical difference" in one lens offering 30% more reach than the other, calls all conclusions of this review into serious question, since there are countless real-world situations in which these differences would certainly make a significant difference.

I'm going to defend ebrandon here. For one thing, while it's true that 1-stop at 28 mm might save a photo, the number of times one would shoot at

ISO1600, 28mm, 1/3 sec shutter, f2.0

and have a photo ruined by going to ISO3200 because of one less stop on the G11 is probably pretty low... (my example is in atrocious light, wide open, and also on the extreme limit of hand-holdability with IS). If these are conditions that a photographer routinely finds him or herself in, chances are the need for a specific camera are beyond the scope and intention of the OP's review.

As for the extra "30%" in optical zoom, practically 105 mm and 140 mm are very similar. Again, if a photog happens to require that extra reach, then he or she probably wouldn't need this review to guide them to which camera to choose.

Certainly I believe that neither of these two points calls anything of ebrandon's post into "serious question."

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