S90 & G11 – my final conclusions & suggestions

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Brilliant Work Eric ------->

Thanks - at the moment I've been using the yuppie version of the LX3 , I don't like the gameboy handling, the super-reflective LCD or the bulk of the lens with the very necessary Ricoh LC1 cap fitted and shoot it exclusively in RAW because the JPG engine delivers murky panny colour and find it smears too much at Base ISO with the NR on LOWest (the GX100 it replaced sure had its faults but it delivered lovely colour and grass was not smudgy at base ISO) ....

I got the thing to replace the GX100 and F30 in one cam and it almost pulled it off - certainly in the high-ISO + 24mm bracket and apart from the JPG engine / colour - it combined both cams with improvements BUT its bigger than the GX by too much and since getting the Panny 20mm Prime, end up grabbing the EP1 for those quality moments ....... Soooooooo

Soooo can the S90 replace the Hi-ISOs , RAW quality of the LX3? - If its as clean as the LX3 in RAW, as good as the GX100 in JPG and as sharp as the G10 or an S70 at pixel level in RAW then I guess it CAN , AND replace our time served Ixus 750 too (which has been wrecked and rebuilt 4 times) .... I can live without 24mm ..

for me it all hinges on the RAW quality in DPP with the Lum NR off and how the JPGs at high ISOs compare to the F30 / LX3 and to the GX100 at low ISOs ... My work rig always stays the same , its the damn compacts which I seem to change all the time (though usually used ones thankfully)

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