S90 & G11 – my final conclusions & suggestions

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Re: I want manual controls.

Totally agree with you. If I didn't know what a G10/11 looked like, I'd think it's another P&S. And the past I had to look closely to actually notice iit was a G series.

GaryJP wrote:

To take more than snapshots, I want to be able to control as many aspects of ther shot as possible, even if I don't do so all the time.

That's always been my rationale behind going for the G series cameras. And i ionfd the extrenal controls superb.

I don't agree though that the G11 really draws more attention than simpler P&S cameras. I catch a lot of people using the G series, but only if I really look out for it. And if you use the swivel viewfinder to shoot at waist level, it's even less consicuous. In most situations, it's actually much less conspicuous than a shiny silver Ixus.


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