S90 vs G11 at night with pics

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Re: S90 - a death blow to the SD series.........?

Hank3152 wrote:

dotbalm wrote:

I haven't seen anythng to suggest Canon doesn't have a big winner on their hands with the S90.

I think Canon shot themselves in the foot since it may kill the SD series.........which IMO may be a good thing since they had too many models anyway.......why would anybody want one now after seeing the performance of the S90?

I thnk it's true for enthusiasts, but for the general green button pushing public, I think there's a big niche below the S90 price point for cams with less real or perceived complexity.

For example, take my wife, please. : P Okay, anyway she has a SD880IS and other than the need to control shutter speed via S prio which the cam lacks, I don't think she wants more. If they could include PASM in the SD line, by dial or even menu if obscuring it reduces the complexity for Auto users, that single change would significantly enhance the capability to me. There are other things like increasing the spread between flash and lens a la Sony DSC-P150 and -200. I didn't need red eye reduction with those cams due to the spread and it enabled me to get baby/toddler shots w/o catching them mid-blink due to red-eye red. And their eyes weren't red when using flash.

But short of redesigning the SD's cigarrette style form factor, just adding PASM would be nice and inexpensive I'd think. Then, if the S90/G11 sensor tech could trickle down with read rates supporting HD we'd be talking...and maybe we wouldn't need the S90. I won't hold my breath... ; )

I'm glad Canon produced the S90, it was sorely lacking for enthusiasts.

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