S90 vs G11 at night with pics

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Re: S90 vs G11 at night with pics

ebrandon wrote:

Did the cameras perform exactly the same? No. While all the comments above apply to both cameras equally we got a higher percentage of "keepers" with the G11 than the S90. This was mostly due to more blurred picures with the S90 which I attribute to three possible factors:

  1. The S90 IS may be very slightly less effective than the G11 IS. Maybe.

  2. The S90's smaller lighter body is slightly harder to hold steady and moves a little more when you press the shutter button

Excellent job again , thank you About the motion blur caused by the lighter body, have you tried to press the shutter button fully at once, without waiting for focus confirm? so once you pressed (and moved the camera because of that), the camera takes some time to focus and then it shots when it is already steady(er). Maybe if you're not sure of the focus, you can check it with half press, then once you're sure it will focus you let the shutter go, and then full press again?
Just my 2 cents, maybe I'll try with my G9

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