S90 vs G11 at night with pics

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Re: S90 vs G11 at night with pics

Great work, my new favorite comparison thread.
Learned a couple of things here

1. You know what you are doing, while some others posting samples dont.

2. In a couple photos, G11 shows more detail (parking structure ground, statue) and reproduce more natural colors (red water pipes etc). S90 colors are a bit bold assuming you chose same settings on each camera.

3. In most of the photos its pretty hard to distinguish much of a difference and both look great.

4. I think it comes down to camera build, do you want a tiny camera with a neat ring, or a viewfinder, articulating LED, and larger lense which probably accounts for slightly sharper images for the G11 in some situations.

I think the G11 is for me, i personally like a slightly larger more solid camera in my hands and it will fit just fine in my pocket.

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