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Re: S90 ring customization

In configuring Ring Function in P, A, S, M mode you should also consider the behavior of Ring in other than P, A, S, M mode.

The following is quoted from my previous post.


(Quote) Of the six choices (Standard, Exposure Compensation, ISO, Focus, W/B, Zoom) you can assign to control ring in S90, settings that do not change as you switch P, A, S, M mode are four that is ISO, Focus, W/B, Zoom. So to avoid user's confusion I think it is better to assign one of the four functions to control ring. Personally I think it is best to choose between Manual Focus and Step Zoom.

I have found Step Zoom is assigned to Control Ring in Auto, Scene, Low Light, Movie mode. One exception to that is when you choose 'Nostalgic' in Scene mode 'Shooting with Faded Color' is assigned to Control Ring.

There is no mention what function is assigned to Control Ring in Custom mode but I presume it is user defined.

So I think assigning Step Zoom to Control Ring in P, A, S, M and C mode is most logical and by doing this user confusion is eliminated.

One afterthought, I think it is an error that Canon assigned 'Standard' to Control Ring in P, A, S, M by default. Rather Canon should have assigned Step Zoom by default in all modes. What a pity! (Unquote)

dav0r wrote:

Many people now have S90, but I haven't seen answer to a question asked long time ago, when manual became available.

How do you change between two functions assigned to main ring in some

Thank you in advance.

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