Any G10 and G11 owners.

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Re: Any G10 and G11 owners.

Cytokine wrote:

It would be interesting to see some daylight comparrisons, I have seen three comments so far 1) up to ISO 400 G10 is better, 2) G10 is more like his rebel than the G11. 3) G11 is better.

The fold out screen although I was beggining to warm to the idea, my fear about it turning the camera into a plastic point and shoot seems well founded. And very few people wanted it, except the reviewers kept mentioning it.

When the G7, the first G-series camera withaout a vari-angle LCD came out, there were many, many postings complaining about the omission of this feature. Because of the omission of the vari-angle LCD, one enthusiast web site dubbed the G7, G9, and G10 "GINOs"--G-In-Name-Only" cameras.

The S90 looks nice and would be IMO a great addition to the G10 and fit in small pockets, however while the night shots I have seen are excellant, the daylight comparrisons against the LX3 gave the edge to the LX3 in detail, although I found the Colour of the LX3 in jpeg so bad you have to wonder how it got a highly reccomended. (you would have to take a second camera to remember the colour of flowers etc).

There have been no competent controlled comparisons between the S90 and the LX3. However the ISO80 shots at are better than anything I've seen from the LX3. The G11, which has the same sensor and a lens that may be a bit better than that of the S90, is expected to be at least as good.



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