Any G10 and G11 owners.

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G10 better feeling and low ISO IQ, but G11 no slouch and better high ISO IQ

I currently have a G9, G10, and G11 in the family (as well as an S90).

I thought the G9 was an great camera - quality feel, excellent ergonomics, great handling, good lens and IQ (particularly for its sensor size).

But the G10 was really special - premium quality look and feel with great attention to detail, better lens, and IQ that (in good light and 200iso or less) can rival or exceed that of some entry level DSLRs. I'm sure a lot of G10 owners have read A truly impressive effort by Canon.

The G11 still looks and feels like a good quality product to me, but the attention to detail just isn't up to the G10's It looks and feels good rather than special. I've seen other cameras go from a fixed to a moveable LCD and in every case they lost some of their sturdy feel (the G10-> G11 is no exception).

My initial impressions is that up to 200iso in good light the G10 has better IQ than the G11. They seem to even out around 400iso and beyond 400 I prefer the IQ of the G11. So if you shoot outdoors a lot or in great lighting - keep your G10. If you are like me and also shoot a lot in less than ideal conditions or shoot in places a flash is frowned on, the G10 makes a lot of sense. The Camera itself might not have quite the look and feel of the G10, but its still in the top tier of its segment.


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