You're shooting more and enjoying it less - Thom Hogan article

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You're shooting more and enjoying it less - Thom Hogan article

Apologies if this has been done, but I did do a search I promise!

The other day I popped onto Thom's website & noticed this article

Does anyone else find this to be hitting a (hopefully constructive) nerve?

Like someone attending an AA meeting, I'm going to stand up & say it.

My name is Rob, and I really have been shooting more & liking it less.

I've my D3, lenses etc. I don't want to sound ungrateful, it's an awesome setup to have & I know I must consider myself lucky to be able to afford such things.

This year I've done the jobs to earn back half of the investment - considering I've a full time job so photography's a part time money maker.

The D3 let's me do so much & is the most reliable image maker I've ever owned.

But I'm worried I'm becoming very unhappy artistically.

Maybe it's like working in a sweet shop & still expecting to be mad for eating sweets a year on.

I'm hoping this isn't me saying "ooh what shall I buy now?" as such.
Perhaps one answer is to go to a one-lens one-focal length strategy.
Perhaps I need to go to film for a while, re-learn the core skills.

Are we, in the ever growing quest for the best features/optics/pixels, losing sight of what it all means, man?

Or is it just that the hobby is indeed about these things now? Is it a hobby where video & stills fuse happily?

I'll stop for now, just wanted to see what sort of debate it generates.

Hopefully we can discuss this positively - and no, I won't be sending my D3 through the post to you, in case you were wanting to respond with that one


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