where can i get Kelvin Setting from? cant find original soruce?

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Re: LOL, Your about ready for your first wedding then :) n/t

In your other thread, you did'nt confirm when.
It's my livelihood so I'm a bit touchy

You have a long way to go, please read

White balance/Colour temperature was in your D70, and that a few years old now as is digital tech. So that tells me either you did'nt read the manual or you are a complete beginner.

Wedding are without doubt one of the most difficult disciplines of photography,

Your questions and answers about P A S M modes and looking for Kelvins for the D3 tell me you have about 3-5 years to go learn both photography and digital imaging.

Let alone venture into the world of wedding photography. The advice I gave you in your last thread was useful and given in good faith. I will reiterate what I said before go learn make mistakes and learn some more, You Tube will not teach you very much about real life photography. You tube cannot see the light. By the time you have learned all you need to know about photography to cover weddings your D3 should have about 100k of shots on it and you should know it inside out. You should have a good understanding of reading light, composition, and be competent dealing with people with the extremes of nature.

Gear no matter how good won't save you, all the retroact you have had is about gear. Its not about gear it's about your ability and general understanding of photography.

Please buy some books

Reading one of these twice over will advance you further and quicker than spending 4-6 months here.

Now don't argue or give us a quick quip, just go buy the books take lots of pictures and make lots of mistakes, only through making mistakes in life do we learn.
Enjoy the journey


FiReDuCk wrote:

who said I'm about ready to start wedding? did i confirm anywhere? like i said in previous forum - i want to become a wedding photography - that doesn't mean i'll Jump to some1 wedding and start shooting....

I'll do training course and hopefully I'll find some real professional who i can work with them for free to build up some profile....

there is so much thing to learn..1st know how to camera, understanding lighting, what make a good picture....have to learn to editing in photoshop/lightroom and make few slideshow with music....album book design as well....too much things to learn....

do you think I'll do straight away? no way man....i'll take my own time...i give 1 yr before i start off my own...at least I've got top camera & lens to play around with it..

Joe P Doyle wrote:

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Photography simple is'nt it??

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Photography simple is'nt it??

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