Comparison: 7D vs 40D ISO issue (only FYI - no reply needed)

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Re: Comparison: 7D vs 40D ISO issue

I opened the image in a new window and play around with the browser zoom.

from what I see...

It is not just grains, there is also the color.

The 7D seems to have managed to retain color saturation better at this ISO. This is a plus because many cameras lose saturation at high ISO. Look at the blue highlighter on the right, it is more vibrant on the 7D.

Also look at that orange object on the left edge of the picture, it remains orange on the 7D, on the 40D, it fades into some kind of red already. Is the 7D's output more accurate?

Not forgetting the gray object behind the wire mesh (beside the blue highlighter and in front of the green one), it definitely look messier on the 40D with rougher grains than on the 7D.

On the other hand, the green highlighter on the 7D seems to have more yellow blotches than the 40D. The blue highlighter looks a little grainier on the 7D, perhaps because the retention of saturation magnifies the grains.

...I suspect the 7D's image will look better in print at a reasonable size.

The fact that the 7D has almost twice the pixel count of the 40D and they come so close in ISO performance is amazing.

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