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Re: There is more than that ...

Arnold, here is a letter that was sent to one Rodger Carter, who frequents this message board:

There have been questions as to the validity of the Zeiss name being put on some Sony digicams such as the 55, 505, and S70. I put the question directly to Zeiss. Their answer appears below.


Dear Mr. Carter,

Thank you very much for your e-mail. Please let me answer as follows:

There are several Sony digital cameras and digital camcorders that are equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens. The latest digital camera with Zeiss lens is the Sony DSC-S70, the latest camcorders are the DCR-PC100 and the DCR-TRV20. These products are on a very high quality level - electronically and optical. To reach that extremely high quality level both - electronical parts and optical parts - have to be produced close together. That means, a production at Carl Zeiss Oberkochen (Germany) is not possible. Therefore, production of the lenses for Sony products can only be performed in Asia. Furthermore, the supplier structure (high precision plastic components, precision optics) is ideal in Asia and the local presence, of course, is very important. This facts may help to understand, why the production of the Carl Zeiss lenses for Sony is placed in Japan. The organization is similar to that lenses that are produced for Contax cameras. BUT: It is our goal to fully meet the requirements of our customers at all times! THEREFORE: All lens designs are from our mathematical specialists in Oberkochen (Germany)! We subject every lens to a 100% performance test by our specialist who work in Japan and by using our qualitiy requirements! Only the lenses that pass our high quality requirements can be used in the Sony products. Every lens get its own serial number!

I hope, that these facts can help to answer your questions. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

With very best regards

Yvonne Maier

Carl Zeiss GB Photoobjektive Tel: +497364/20-6175 Fax:+497364/20-4045

Arnold Edmondson wrote:

As I understand it Carl Zeiss designed the lenses but did not manufacture
them, Sony manufactures or subcontracts out. If this is true the quality
of the lenses cannot be assumed because of a name on the front, there are
too many variables.

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