Any more news about banning? Locked

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bill hansen Veteran Member • Posts: 8,909
Any more news about banning?

I've just spent several minutes trying to send a Reply to the thread about JAK's "permanent banning". Strangely, it is not possible to Reply to that thread, though I can send replies to other threads in this forum.

I counted about 150 messages in the original thread. Maybe the thread is maxed out at 150.

The banning of one of the most polite and most helpful people on the DPR forums is a big loss to all of us. Joe was a person whose posts contained useful info, even when he disagreed with you. I must have read dozens of his posts, maybe hundreds of them, and I never thought he was rude or in any way indulging in shady practices.

It's also very odd that neither Joe nor any of the 150 people who complained about his banning have received any explanation of why he was banned.

I'll send a compaint to Feedback. Maybe if enought of us do that we'll at least find out why such an extreme measure was taken against one of the most helpful people on the forums.

Bill Hansen

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