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Re: TZ5 compared to S30

technic wrote:

adrianmariano wrote:

Can you point to an example of CA or loss of corner sharpness in one of the posted images so I can know exactly where to look to see it? I'll bet the S30 and TZ5 both suffer from these flaws and I'm just used to it....

I have mentioned it in several previous messages, not interested in searching through them again. If you don't see it, why worry about it?

I'm trying to learn. What I see in the threads are a bunch of posts like "those Canon S90 pictures are horrible" "They sure are soft" "I'm so disappointed" "The G11 pictures look so much better". All vague general reactions. What I do not see is "There is chromatic aberration visible in picture #7 of the posted gallery at the right edge of the radish". As you say, though, if I remain ignorant I can get a cheaper camera.

I don't upgrade just for the sake of upgrading. As I mentioned earlier, the upgrade is driven by the slow speed of the S30. It can take literally 30 seconds to get focus and take a picture.

higher speed can be a good reason for upgrading. However, with 30 seconds to focus I think something is wrong; even cameras from that time should be able to focus in 2 seconds or so under normal conditions (but don't expect AF to work in a pitch black room). I have heard several times that AF of these cameras gets slow when they 'age' (and also that the images get more and more blurry, probably because something in the lens mechanism goes wrong).

I just did a test with the S30 and it seems that the delay isn't AF delay but delay for charging the flash or something like that. It was doing reasonably well, taking about 5 seconds to take a picture. It's not like I can have the S30 repaired if "something is wrong". It gets much slower when the batteries are low (and I'm on my third set).

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