LX3 - How to increase zoom ? (2.5x is a problem for me!)

Started Dec 28, 2008 | Discussions thread
Gary R. Veteran Member • Posts: 3,196
Re: LX3 - How to increase zoom ? (2.5x is a problem for me!)

Basically, I think the other comments are right...if you really need that zoom, it's the wrong camera.

But, there is an 8x teleconverter available

I had one of these for a while to use with my Oly2100, but with a 10x zoom camera, the quality was not acceptable. I think it's more reasonable with 3x zoom and less.

But stiill, if all you're seeing with the LX3 is that it doesn't have enough zoom, it's the wrong camera for you. You could probably sell it and get a ZS3 or something with more zoom.
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