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Tom Hoots
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Re: Depends which Best Buy

Teski wrote:

There are 3 or 4 threads here where people got them from Best Buy last night. I called the store in Bellevue, WA and they said the same thing you're saying. "We have them in the store, but can't sell until Sunday."

Absolutely. My local Best Buy store had some punk kid who told me that they wouldn't sell me the camera even if they had it in stock, but at least he let me see that the Beaverton, Oregon store had some in stock -- again, the only store that had any in stock, at least on the screen of a dozen-or-so stores on his monitor.

So, again, I just ran back to my car, did a Google search for the Beaverton store, clicked on a phone-number link, and placed a call. The perfectly fine young gentleman there not only was willing to sell the camera to me, but also helped me get the sale initiated over the phone, and had the camera set aside, waiting for my arrival.

If anyone gives you that "we can't sell it" rot, you might ask for a manager, to see if he actually wants to make some money or not. Then, I suppose you could make a call to any other store that has the camera in stock, and ask if they will sell it to you, right in front of the punks who won't. I just find it unbelievable that any retailer in the current economy would turn away someone willing to fork over $430 right on the spot for something they've got in the store. Sheer insanity!

Tom Hoots

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