LX3 - How to increase zoom ? (2.5x is a problem for me!)

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Re: LX3 - How to increase zoom ? (2.5x is a problem for me!)

Koosla wrote:

PSalda wrote:

Ok. Thanks to both for your prompt comments.
Probably it will be better to look for a second camera - a super
zoom or something similar. I am travelling on the web for those 20x
(Olympus and Canon launched new models ...)

If you were aiming at an optical zoom in the 10x range, those Olympus/Canon models you mentioned (and which are more in the range of 20x) might be overkill, and one that includes several drawbacks (most notably reduced optical quality and ISO performance).

Still an excellent choice, the Panasonic FZ50 offers very good optical quality and decent enough ISO performance, having a somewhat larger-than-usual 1/1.8" CCD sensor.

And if you want slightly more zoom than that, and even more ISO performance, there's the Fujifilm S100FS, which sports a 14.3x optically stabilized zoom and a 1/1.5" SuperCCD HR sensor.

I had the S100FS and the CA and PF was really bad!

They're quite larger than the LX3, of course, but so would be the LX3 with a tele converter that gave it a 10x zoom with good quality (should that exist).

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