Why buy a Leica 14-150 when PL 14-140 is available?

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Why buy a Leica 14-150 when PL 14-140 is available?

I have the E-620, 12-60, and 50-200 swd.

I'm now considering buying the Panny/Leica 14-150, because of it small, compact size. It would make a good walk-about super zoom lens. But at $1600, it's expensive.

In fact, the only benefit to me would be its small compact size, when I don't want to use the larger 12-60 & 50-200, and change between lenses.

But ...isn't small and compact the whole idea behind the micro 4/3s format?

Since I also want to buy the EP-1, why not just get the Lumix 14-140 micro lens instead? The lens is about half the price of the Leica 14-150, and a bit smaller.

Maybe it would be foolish of me to spend $1600 on the Leica, when for almost the same money I can buy the EP-1 and Lumix 14-140.

The BIG question is if the EP-1/14-140 would have the same optical/image quality as the E-620/14-150. At this point I can't answer that. One drawback of the Lumix 14-140 is that it's a slow lens (f4.0-5.8). The Lumix got a pretty good review at SLR-gear, but I can't find too many user opinions.

Ok, I'd like your opinions. For comparison, here are the specs:

Panny/Lumix 14-140 f4.0-5.8 2.76"D x 3.3"L 16.3 oz $850

Panny/Leica 14-150 f3.5-5.6 3.09"D x 3.56"L 16.3 oz $1600

So what do you think, get the Leica 14-150 or the EP-1/Lumix 14-140 combo?

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