Find a Russian skite has G11 ISO chart/tools

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Re: Compared same shots to Lx3

fwiw, I never screamed at them for all the resolution. I don't think the level of screaming was helped much by dpreviw's review. The G10 is a harder camera to shoot than a 5d, that's for sure, it's definately not a point and shoot by any means. I've loved the files from it since I bought it. I have to confess I like them more than the 5d's I've shot, or my 450D's files. I like ccd's!

I think the G11's raw files will be excellent, little less resolution for a little more DR, not a bad idea at all. It seems to me that Canon went a bit overboard with the jpeg NR in the G11, understandably as everyone was screaming about noise...

At the end of the day, they're both good cameras, just designed to different tastes.

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