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Re: Compared same shots to Lx3

notpistolpete wrote:

Its amazing that we have gone full circle. Screaming at Canon to reduce the MP's and stop the madness (reduced the noise). Now they have listened and we are upset that we may have lost some of the resolution (may have lost since there is still only a single review of these cameras and they where preproduction models).

Exactly! When the G10 came out people were screaming from the rooftops that Canon was going in the wrong direction by participating in (or even leading) the megapixel race, and that the G9, which had fewer pixels, was better than the G10, and that the G7, which had even fewer pixels, was better still. Panasonic was commended for not going along with the "megapixel myth," producing the LX3 (which, in fact, had a slightly higher pixel count and only marginally lower density than its predecessor.) The G10 was castigated for having too much noise, some even appearing at base level. Why can't Canon understand that we don't want more and more pixels? We want fewer pixels and less noise! And who needs 14.7MP? Maybe people who print posters. 6MP is plenty for all normal size printing.

So now that Canon actually appears to have listened to these demands, what do we hear? Give us more pixels! The G10 is better! Noise in not important!

Myself I sold my g10 for the s90 or g11. I should've been more patient. Time will tell.

Relax. From what I've seen so far, the G11 is a camera that will perform overall better than the G10. In line with the lower pixel count, the measured resolution at ISO80 will be somewhat lower than that of the G10, but there's more to IQ than resolution. My 5D has 12.7MP, significantly lower than the 14.7MP of the G10, but few would claim that the IQ of the G10 is superior. I hold the G10 in high regard, and enjoyed using it, but I'm moving on to the G11 with no regrets.


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