Better Pictures from the 5dii

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Re: Better Pictures from the 5dii

The 5D Mk II has bigger pixels (6.4 µm in size) on its full frame sensor than that of many "crop body" DSLRs. My old Digital Rebel XTi had 5.7 µm in sized pixels -with gaps in between the pixels. The 7D has a pixel size of only 4.3µm, although the pixels are spread in a nearly gap free design.

I think this larger sensor size difference is giving the 5D Mk II an IQ boost sort of like what you see in broadcast quality video cameras versus consumer models. Consumer models have much smaller CCDs. Only a limited amount of light (and color) is hitting those sensors. A trio of 1/3" video CCDs will perform a lot better than a single 1/6" CCD in a consumer camera. Certain broadcast quality cameras have more expensive 2/3" CCDs in a 3-chip array. Those bigger sensors are part of what helps those cameras capture much more vibrant color (an expensive lens pack is another part of the equation).

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