Why Lightroom instead of Bridge/Camera Raw?

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Re: Why Lightroom instead of Bridge/Camera Raw?

Per Jeff Schewe in Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop; Camera Raw, and Lightroom. (page 183)

"Since Lightroom sets the image dimension based on the print cell size, you don't need to make different sized images for different sized prints."....."As long as the native resolution of the image is between 180 and 480 ppi, Lightroom will resize without resampling and then sharpen the print as it sends the image to the printer. The only thing you need to worry about is properly setting the media type ( and the sharpening strength)."

In other words you use only one photo file and Lightroom handles the requirements for inkjet/contone printing and screen displays, for halftone reproduction photoshop would still be used.

This could be Lightroom's (version 2.3 or higher ) biggest selling point yet never seems to be mentioned in any of the forums or print material. Mr. Schewe's book is the first one that really promotes this feature and then demonstrates its usefulness.

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