Shopatron and Panasonic - Do we deserve this treatment?

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Shopatron and Panasonic - Do we deserve this treatment?

Okay, maybe I want to vent a little bit.

Wondered how many of you have been through my ordeal. I was one of the first to pre-order the GF1 20mm kit on September 1 and have been a little anxious. Okay, a lot anxious as I'm sure many of you have been.

Crazy me, I saw one post about an order placed that morning via Panasonic direct saying they would get the 20mm kit in just a few days. Placed my order that same morning thinking I would just cancel one of them once I get confirmation.

The rest is almost comical:

1. After placing the order, told it would ship when the next big shipment arrives early next week (Mon - Tues).

2. Got an email the next week about a shipment delay and that my order was now being handled my Shopatron (Oh great).

3. Few days later, I found out that they actually were going to receive the shipment and they authorized my credit card (EXCITED). Was told I would have it in just a few days. Believe this was last Tuesday. Since they had authorized my card, thought I might as well cancel the Amazon order (MISTAKE as I would have the camera already).

4. Last Thursday I was told the shipment had arrived and most likely had shipped. They were just having delays sending out the tracking numbers. Also note that the full charge had now hit my credit card - went from pending to a full charge.
5. Friday, they told me the same thing - delay in tracking number.

6. Yesterday, they told me there was actually a problem with the shipment but was told they definitely had shipped but they were still having delays with the tracking numbers and I shouldn't expect the tracking number till tomorrow or the following day (WOW).

7. Today, same thing, was told they definitely have shipped but still no tracking number (Unreal).

Why doesn't Shopatron stick a few people in a room to email some tracking numbers? Is Panasonic/Shopatron playing games with us for the extra margin? If Amazon is allowed to offer pre-orders, why don't they stick up for their loyal customers?

Lesson to self - don't get too anxious. I would have had my GF1 20mm kit by now, saved $75 in tax and have allot less stress.

Panasonic's handling of these orders has me a little crazy. Makes me re-evaluate buying any of their products. That nice new 55" plasma... If all those GF1 reviews hadn't been so great, I would be waiting for an E-P2 or saving my pennies for an M9 (with a 35mm and 90mm).

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