Why Lightroom instead of Bridge/Camera Raw?

Started Oct 6, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why Lightroom instead of Bridge/Camera Raw?

fotogary wrote:

Do my keywords stay with the file when I import them from Bridge into Lightroom? Or must I re-keyword them?

All pro apps store keywords as standard IPTC. If you add keywords in either Bridge or Lightroom, they will show up in the other program, as well as in Photoshop, iPhoto, the Finder, in Windows apps, etc. and if you upload with keywords to flickr, smugmug, etc, the IPTC keywords in the file show up ready to go there too. You should be able to keyword once and read from many places.

You do need to tell Lightroom to move keywords from its database to the files, either automatically or on demand. Once in the files, though, it's all standard.

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