D700 at a couple of Best Buy stores in my area,..thinking about pulling..

Started Oct 6, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Just wait a few more days

JMD-70 wrote:

..the trigger! I missed the last discount round of the D700 a few weeks ago, but since Best Buy sent me a 10% discount coupon I'm thinking abt going with my gut feeling. What I hate most is that the coupon requires me to use it well before 15Oct09.

Note, the purchase of the D700 is part of my gear plan for event photography. I could easily use a D3 for such,..but we all know how much over kill that is. Plus, the D700 has built-in CLS control.

That said, some may ask,..what's the hold up? Well, the hold up is,...though video is not a remote priority, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a D700(s) that did have video capability. In a nutshell, no one needs a Z06 over a regular Vette,...but at least one can use those 505Hp at will vs the other can't because his Vette isn't capable of such Hp output.

I have info that s might actually be x on the 15...

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