What's your WB goal?

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What's your WB goal?

Another thread ( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1039&message=33254209 ) on missed WB (AWB, actually) has me thinking about this thorny topic again. I struggle with WB mostly because I go back and forth between the two things we can do with it:

1) Accurately portray the colors as they appeared in the scene, or

2) Turn white to "true" white.

To illustrate, suppose I'm shooting a rock band under indoor stage lighting. The lighting is warm, rather pink at the time I take the exposure. Should my goal be:

1) Capture the pink cast accurately so I have a faithful representation of what the scene actually looked like color-wise, or

2) Ensure that skin tones are natural and that the lead singer's white T-shirt is actually white instead of pinkish?

I think in many respects, AWB may try to achieve #2 when often times we want it to do #1. Comments, thoughts?

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