Why Lightroom instead of Bridge/Camera Raw?

Started Oct 6, 2009 | Discussions thread
maflynn Senior Member • Posts: 2,134
Re: Why Lightroom instead of Bridge/Camera Raw?

LR is a more integrated tool, providing a better workflow then bridge/ACR

Workflow, on other words the steps needed to take images from their initial state, cull, keyword, categorize and adjust the images, getting them ready for print. LR provides a better integrated tighter workflow then Bridge/ACR

I also recall that LR provides better support in the keyword aspect, I forget the details, it was in one of the LightRoom books I read.

Lightroom was built from the ground up for the photographer, providing non-destructive editing, superior organization and categorization of your images. Its editing capabilities is such that I rarely need to go into PS now.

Try it out and see if its a tool that fits your needs

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