Why Lightroom instead of Bridge/Camera Raw?

Started Oct 6, 2009 | Discussions thread
graybalanced Veteran Member • Posts: 6,928
Re: I like Lightroom ...

David Chin wrote:

... for the Adjustment Brush and the ability to easily print four 4 x 6 photos on an A4-sized paper.

Seems like every day you meet people who don't realize practlcally all the full Lightroom develop module is in Camera Raw. The Adjustment Brush is in Camera Raw and so is the Gradient Mask.

CS4 went a long way in making Bridge almost as good as Lightroom in some ways. Unfortunately ACR is still stuck inside a dialog box.

I work waaay faster in Lightroom than in Bridge/ACR. One program instead of three, and almost no dialog boxes in Lightroom just a flat working environment. The keyboard shortcuts are simpler, better and faster. With one or two images Bridge/ACR is just as good. But when processing 400 images right off a card, Lightroom blows away Bridge/ACR in efficiency.

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