Next logical purchase for T1I: flash or battery grip?

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Re: When was the last time you ran out of battery life...

I agree with this. I keep a charged spare battery for my XSi but don't think I've ever needed it. Also, one thing I like about my XSi is its small size and low weight and I don't want to add to its size or weight.

If you want to spend less than the 43EX costs, consider the Nissin Di622 (Canon version). It does ETTL like the 430EX but also can act as a slave flash to the camera's pop-up flash. I recently posted on the Lighting forum about using the Di622 on a trip.

CityLights wrote:

... in a day's use?

Then get the flash.

I don't know what the deal with the battery grip is. I can shoot for days on a single battery charge. By habbit, I throw the battery on the charger every night after shooting, so even that is not an issue.

OK, I can see using a battery grip if you are shooting 3 hour long exposures... only maybe, because I think a single battery would do that too.

Why would you add a battery grip just to make the camera heavier? Better to get a big lens and hold onto that if you want a heavier camera because then at least you would get to use the good glass.

Don't take this post too seriously, but I would recommend the flash and the good lens.

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