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Re: Not true

When you put your photos online at Phanfare (or one of our direct competitors) we host them reliably. Each fullsize original file is stored in 2 different locations. File formats are carried forward (more important in video that images) and the system is actively monitored.

When you host yourself, you typically don't get the same level of quality. You certainly don't get the same level of connectivity.

That said, if you want to host yourself, then the solution can be more flexible.

I can tell you that one thing we do at Phanfare when considering whether to outsource something or do it in house is to decide whether or not we add value in that area or consider it a core competency. for example, we could build a ticket system to handle email support, or we could rent one. We rent one. Why? because building ticket system is not something that is core to our business.

Similarly, if you are a professional or enthusiasts, I seriously wonder whether hosting your own photo and video sharing solution is core to your life. But to each his own. If the act of hosting is fun in and of itself, then of course it makes sense.

Andrew Erlichson
Phanfare, Inc.

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