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plevyadophy wrote:

  • 12Mpix sensor: please please please don't join the pixel race!!!!

Is it due to file size or do you think IQ would suffer? I don't.

I.Q. would suffer in my view. Well, that depends on whether you regard noise as part of the I.Q equation, I do.

Image noise, yes. Pixel noise, no. If we have more pixels, we can afford them to be noisier without the image necessarily becoming noisier.

They are already struggling with the GH1 sensor (banding at ISO1600 and above,

Banding has more to do with sloppy engineering or bad priorities than pixel packing. When it is strongly correlated over a whole row or column, which it most often is, it could be pretty much totally removed by using a sufficient number (say 100+) of masked reference pixels around the imaging area as a line-wise black reference.

Manufacturers do this today, but they are either not having enough of them or they don't know how to use them properly.

And even with the banding in the raw files, most of it should be removable without damaging detail. If I were motivated enough, I'd write a program that analysed the file, corrected it and wrote back a debanded raw file that could be fed into the user's favourite converter. Panasonic should do this, but software is not their forte, it seems.

There's a program called Nik Dfine that has a reputation for getting rid of banding. But I think it works on the demosaiced files, which is inferior to doing it straight on the raw files. I'm not convinced about how it deals with fine colour detail, based on a sample posted on Oly SLR Talk several months ago. Without such fine detail, it seems to do a decent job.

and in fact the G1 from my experience has the same problem but to a lesser extent) so I would hate to think what the sensor would be like if they pushed to say 14Mp.

The 500D (15Mp) has less line noise than any Rebel before it. And the 7D has less high ISO line noise than previous models. The D3X and A900 are virtually free of line noise despite a high pixel count.

The 12Mp 4/3" cameras seem to have less banding than the 10Mp models.

The GH1 probably has the least random read noise of any 4/3" camera (haven't checked the GF1 and E-P1 yet).

12Mp is good enough for most uses

There can be a lot of moiré sometimes. Smaller, softer pixels help.

if they wanna improve the sensor leave the pixel count alone and first reduce noise and improve dynamic range

Resolution is often the most important IQ aspect, when looking at images side-by-side.

(at first it might not sell as well as simplistic pixel numbers on the marketing kit but the goodness will soon get known by the marketplace)

The difference in image noise, if there even is one, will be too small to be detectable.

Actually, if they want to continue to claim tele lenses are smaller, they need to have higher pixel density than the competition. The 7D now matches the 12Mp 4/3" cameras [...]

What do you mean, because then folks can crop more as if using a higher zoom lens and thus will not need big zooms? If so, you're just too crafty aren't you

4/3rds boasts a 2x crop factor for tele lenses, making a 300mm lens a 600mm lens. But bigger sensors can also be cropped to a 2x factor. Usually, they end up with less pixels, but if they have the same pixel density, they don't. How many pixels you place on a subject is pretty important in e.g. birding, for subject quality (SQ).

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